We are beyond excited to announce that we will be screening Thunderdome: Face Your Fears, Build Your Dreams on Friday, November 13th at 2pm on the main stage at Skepticon!

Thunderdome is a feature length documentary that follows the true story of Rob Lehr, a man haunted by death who chose to engage life rather than escape it. It is a film about how the power of community helps us deal with the tragedies and difficulties in our life.

This film follows Rob as he builds a Nerf battlefield in his backyard, immerses himself in Humans Vs Zombies, and how all that helped him to cope with PTSD after a deadly plane crash.

Check out the trailer:

For more information on Thunderdome, follow them on Facebook, TwitterKickstarter page, or Youtube.

Rob is Skepticon’s awesome videographer. He sits in a chair all weekend filming our main stage speakers so we can share our talks with the world. Rob will be available both before and after the screening to give an introduction and answer questions. We can’t wait to see his newest documentary and hope you can’t either!



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