Hey Skepticoners!

We are officially less than a month from Skepticon 11! Do you know what this means?

. . .

It means we’re going to be posting all the blog posts! Starting today, there will be at least one new post every day with exciting news and announcements about SK11. We’ve added a ton of stuff to Skepticon, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Of course, we’ve already been blogging a bit, so just to remind you of those past posts…

Registration! https://skepticon.org/registration-for-skepticon-11-is-now-open/
Hotel reservations! https://skepticon.org/dont-wait-hotel-deadline-for-sk11-is-coming/
The schedule! https://skepticon.org/sk11-the-schedule/
Friday night comedy fundraiser! https://skepticon.org/introducing-allegedly-a-night-of-comedy/
Our not-at-all-secret $100 donor gift! https://skepticon.org/will-you-be-our-bff/

There are more posts, and you can read them all at https://skepticon.org/blog/

Of course, this wouldn’t be a standard Skepticon blog post without a plug for donations, so go to https://skepticon.org/donate/ to give what you can! From that link, you can do a one-time donation to the conference, sign up for a monthly donation and become a member of our Dino Club (and get a special prize at SK11!), and/or donate to our legal fund (because legal bills are ‘spensive, y’all)

We love our Skepticon supporters!

Team Skepticon

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