If you’ve ever been in the vendor room area of Skepticon, you know Surly Amy’s sweet Surlyramics. You may NOT know how AMAZING of an artist Amy Davis Roth (A.K.A. Surly Amy) is in the larger scheme of things. We are crazy lucky that this year she’s agreed to present on the main stage as an official speaker!!!!

Amy Davis Roth is a 4th generation multimedia artist who resides in Los Angeles, California. She the creator of Surly-Ramics which are purchased yearly by hoards of Skepticon-goers. Her designer jewelry line is inspired by and encourages science, humanism, atheism, critical thinking, and most years she makes special dino-themed “surleys” for Skepticon. In addition to jewelry and speech-craft, we hear this year she’s also planning something extra in a spare conference room, which promises to be SUPER DUPER AMAZING for us artsy loving attendees!

Not only is she slaving away to make our 7th year the best Skepticon ever, Amy also writes for Skepchick.org and bevegananywhere. She is managing editor for Skepchick’s sister site that deals with the intersection between art, science and skepticism called, Mad Art Lab. She is the founder and organizing leader of the Los Angeles Women’s Atheist and Agnostic Group.  Her current project, A Women’s Room Online is making waves on the twitterverse and will be opening up in real life in just a few days! If you can’t go in person, be sure to check it, and all her other projects out on her twitter @SurlyAmy !

If you would like your chance to see Amy talk, buy a surlyramic, and see what her special event is, we’ll have to be able to get her to Springfield, MO somehow. As of September 12, we’re nearly TWENTY THOUSAND dollars short of our goal. Amy has agreed to waive any honorariums and fees to speak at Skepticon for free but it will still cost us about $850.00 to pay for Amy’s airfare, taxis, and hotel room so that she can speak at Skepticon. Pleeeeeeeeease donate!!!!!

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