Did you know that there are only 4 months until Skepticon 7?!

Skepticon is a conference that is entirely run by volunteers. The Skepticon team is comprised of 8 people. 8 people who work full time jobs, have families and obligations but still donate their time to this conference year-round as a second or even third job.

Skepticon’s speakers donate their time. All of our speakers waive their honorariums and agree to ridiculous flight times in order to keep costs down.

Skepticon relies entirely upon the generous donations of people like yourself to survive from year to year. While we do everything in our power to keep costs down and spend wisely, Skepticon takes about $40,000 to run–an amount we work tirelessly year round to fundraise.

Help us make one of your favorite conferences happen. Donate today and make Skepticon 7 a reality.

We hope that you can help us make this year’s Skepticon one of the best yet!



P.s.–Check out our very own merch store for a fun way to contribute or table or sponsor our event–we’re not picky!

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