Skepticoners! We here at Skepticon HQ are getting super excited about conference weekend, so we’re throwing a party. Not just any party, mind you, but a SUPER SECRET Skepticon party!What does this mean? I’m so glad you asked! Skepticon weekend, we’re going to throw a party with the organizers, speakers, and YOU! While we want to have every single one of your shining faces crammed into a hotel room all at once… the fire department objected slightly. Therefore, to narrow down the guest list into somewhat legal limits…Donate ANY AMOUNT¬†(yes, even one dollar) at ANY TIME between October 12–19th and be entered to win an invite to the most awesomest and super secretist party ever!orIf you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY CANNOT LIVE without being a part of this party, you can GUARANTEE your invitation by giving¬†$500.00 or more to Skepticon between October 12–19th.

Click this donate button to enter our super secret surprise party drawing!

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”purple”] Donate Now to Party![/button]

See you soon!



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