” Stellar!” You know, like stars and stuff! Get it!? Cause you know who likes stars a WHOLE LOT?!? Dr. Nicole Gugliucci. She’s an astronomer, writer, educator, skeptic, self proclaimed “maker-of-tiny-comets”, and an all around geek. Nicole has made it her mission to study and share the universe, which makes her a big star in our rather spacey-wacey themed Skepticon. Known as the “NoisyAstronomer,” she earned a doctorate studying radio astronomy and now leads the informal education efforts of the citizen science project CosmoQuest.

Her Noisy Astronomer blog is mainly a collection of writings on science, astronomy, education, news, geekiness, feminism, skepticism, and anything else. We have a feeling the Skeptiprom: Journey Through the Starsmos is going to be a pretty big hit with Nicole.

Her dissertation and previous research focused on radio astronomy instrumentation. While us average folks are listening to music stars like Elvis and Kanye, Dr. Nicole Gugliucci likes to spend her time listening to the big gassy stars. That’s how it works, right? Well, maybe metaphorically. We’ll all just have to attend her talk to find out.

If you want to learn about the mysteries of the universe, please help us get Nicole to Springfield, MO. We only have 55 days to do it! For us to get Nicole to Springfield, it takes us about $850 dollars. If a couple generous people gave up their morning lattes until Sk7, we’d have that in the bag! Please donate to Skepticon so we can all hang out in a few weeks!!!

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