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Dino Prom: Journey Through the Starsmos.

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When: Saturday, November 22 at 10:00pm

Where: Ramada Plaza Hotel & Oasis Convention Center • 2546 N Glenstone Ave • Springfield, MO 65803

Join us the Saturday night of Skepticon for what is going to be the best prom ever as we’ve taken out all the raging teenage hormones and added a crapload of glitter and skepticism.

Save us a spot on your dance card!



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Some people had beautiful, memorable prom experiences, filled with fun and laughter, the perfect outfit, the perfect date. On their death bed, they’ll remember prom as one of the most joyous times in their life.

And then there are the rest of us.

BUT WAIT! Now you have the opportunity to have a happy death bed memory! SKEPTI-PROM is the dance you always dreamed of – all the fun without all the drama of high school. Plus if you (legally) drink at Skepti-Prom, you don’t have to worry about us calling your dad to pick you up.

As soon as lectures are over Saturday night (about 10 pm), we’re all going to make a mad dash for the dance hall (aka, workshop rooms) to get our groove on. Costumes are welcome and encouraged, as is formal wear or even casual wear. Really, as long as you won’t get arrested for indecent exposure, you’ll be welcome! (Not that we would snitch on you, but better to be safe than jailed.)

PLEASE BRING YOUR ID IF YOU ARE GOING TO DRINK, as you must be carded, wristbanded, and marked in order to purchase alcohol. But that’s one piece of good news – a cash bar will be available, along with food concessions. We will also have a bunch of swag you can buy to complement your costume or lack thereof.

Finally, what would be prom without the obligatory photo op? Bring your own camera, take your pick of props, and smile like you mean it.

Special thanks goes out to our DJ for the night, Phil Ferguson of Polaris Financial Planning. Make sure you harass him all night for your special songs give him a high five for providing the tunes and fancy lighting!

So whether you ask that special someone to join you in promly bliss or make it a solo event, make sure you reserve Saturday night for Skepti-Prom. We promise you don’t want to miss it!