Get your dancing shoes ready, because SkeptiProm is back!

Announcing SkeptiProm 2: Electric Boogaloo

Saturday, November 14th from 9pm–1am!


Donkey Kong… 8-bit signs… Bad movies about break dancing… We sense a theme developing! Plans are still in the works, but yes, we are working around the 80’s!

As with last year, all manner of dress is appropriate for SkeptiProm, so bust out your baby blue tux, gaudy satin gown, acid wash jeans, costume, or your everyday clothes — as long as you have the pertinent areas covered, you are welcome at SkeptiProm! Keep in mind that Springfield has recently enacted stricter indecent exposure laws-take that as advice or as a challenge, at your own risk!

And just to keep y’all in the loop, yes, there will be security as required by the venue, but they will NOT be armed. We apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable with their presence last year, and for not noticing some of them had their weapons with them. We discussed the issue with the security company immediately after SK7, and were assured it will not happen again. We’ll be more vigilant, too, and as always, please feel free to talk with an organizer about any problem!

We all had so much fun last year that we here at Skepticon HQ have decided SkeptiProm is now going to be a permanent feature of the weekend. We can’t wait to dance the night away with you!



P.S. Want to keep Skepticon’s dance card full? Donate today –– we promise it won’t be money for nothing!

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