Skepticon Reveals Plans!

carl iconIt’s been a while since we’ve chatted, Skepticonians, but rest assured that Skepticon headquarters has been busy hustling and bustling and making all kinds of cool stuff happen. I made you a list of all the things so you can see:

  • We drew some amazing new dinosaurs!
  • We’re filling out totally officially official 501(c)3 paperwork. Which, it turns out, takes a lot of time and pencils.
  • Secrety type plans have begun already for next year regarding speakers and dare we say….musical acts? Comedians? Acrobats? Wizards?
  • The holidays happened somewhere between then and now, so we all took a nice break and ate some cake.
  • Floyd headed up the team in writing and illustrating a children’s holiday book, which was quite fun. A Very Skepticon Christmas may be purchased directly through lulu or found via The Pirate Bay (just remember to donate later).
  • Jeff mailed out t-shirts like some sort of crazed ninja.
  • We’re getting a theme song!

Well, that’s all we’ve got for now, we promise to chat again soon!




  1. Always looking forward to skepticon!!! from the day i leave, sadly.

  2. Will there be or is there a skepticon v DVD?

    Also, is it too late to order a shirt for myself?

    • We have all of our talks up for freesies on the Hambone Productions youtube channel thanks to Rob Lehr. As for the SK5 t-shirts, I’m afraid they are gone, but we are hoping to have new shirts in the near future! YEA!

  3. Is there a date established yet for SK6?

  4. We have some contractual things still left to work out, but what I can tell you is that it is still around the same time of the year.

    As soon as we are able to announce it, we will.


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