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 By watching our online videos we generate ad revenue that we then donate to charity. This week, we were able to donate $200 to Valley Hills Stable and Rescue, a no-kill animal shelter located in Springfield, Mo. Here’s a little bit more about the shelter:

Valley Hills Stables and Rescue is small private rescue. Our focus is to rescue and rehabilitate animals that have been neglected, abused, abandoned or no longer can be taken care of and then find them forever homes. We specialize in dogs & cats on death row at Springfield Animal Control and other rural pounds as well as farm animals, exotics & special needs animals that wouldn’t otherwise have a place to go.

This means that our Skepticon watching selves helped pay for outstanding vet bills, spaying/neutering 6 cats or dogs as well as vaccinating them for rabies! GO TEAM SKEPTICON! And, as you may know, we are huge proponents of cute kittens.

We plan on donating to this awesome charity regularly, so the next time you start to feel bad about binge watching old Skepticon videos, don’t. You’re doing good!



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