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By watching our online videos we generate ad revenue that we then donate to charity. This week, we were able to donate $300 to Missouri State University’s Live Action Society, a group that uses Nerf Guns as the primary centerpiece around which they organize and encourage physical activities.

Here’s more from Rob (our videographer) :

“I act as a consultant to Live Action Society, the Missouri State Nerf group. While struggling to find funding, I shared Skepticon’s story of starting small and learning how to effectively fund raise. I am acting as an investor and I am working with the leadership of the group to develop organizational goals and a budget so that they can take what they learned from soliciting sponsorship from me and then taking that knowledge to individuals and local businesses, which will enable them to grow.


The special thing about that group is that they are one if the most diverse groups on campus, comprised of every type of student that you can imagine. They like to think of themselves as the island if misfit toys, and they do a excellent job of giving people a place to belong when they might not fit in to the typical college organizations

I am also challenging them to focus more on being a supportive group to people that might be struggling with mental illness. I have seen a positive impact on students who join that group and I think that it has the potential to be one of MSU’s largest groups with a little funding and improved goal oriented development.


I am in the process of working with their leadership to develop a handout and budget package that they can bring to businesses. When it is at a level where I would be “sold” on investing in them as an cold investor I will write the check. The budget that they are requesting for the spring semester is for $300. The goal is that they will be able to secure their own funding for subsequent semesters  with the skills that they learn.”


This means that our Skepticon watching selves helped pay for this amazing student group to reach out! GO TEAM SKEPTICON! So the next time you start to feel bad about binge watching old Skepticon videos, don’t. You’re doing good!



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