How are you? How’s life? The universe? Everything? We here at Skepticon HQ certainly hope that you are doing the best ever.

Hey, did you know that Mother’s and Father’s Day is coming up? Are you just plumb out of ideas because your parents own just about everything they could ever want or need short of a real live pony? Well never fear, Skepticon is here!

In the past couple of weeks, Skepticon has been compiling a badass cookbook filled with recipes from all your favorite speakers and organizers. And we want to add yours to the collection! Here’s how it works:


Marie wearing a chef's hat.

Marie likes her new chef’s hat.

Donate $5 to Skepticon to add your recipe to our collection of amazing culinary delights! 

Now, we know you might be thinking “Why would I give you money for this thing if I can just screengrab it and enjoy delicious eats?” Easy, you are donating to be a part of this once in lifetime very super special cookbook along side your favorite speakers! Just imagine, your delicious recipe on a page for all to see right next to PZ’s casserole. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

Of course, once the compilation is complete on May 10th, we’ll have it available for free to download (because what can we say? We like free things.) However, please remember that all of your donations go directly to making your favorite convention happen, so join in on the fun and donate today!

Love your favorite skeptic chefs,


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