Without delay, here comes the 5th Speaker Spotlight for Skepticon 7! Announcing the stupendous Scott Clifton!

No stranger to the spotlight, the Skepticon 7 curtains are up on Scott Clifton! According to Wikipedia, this actor and vlogger has done some pretty amazing things in just three decades. Some of it is almost difficult to believe!

Scott is only willing to admit to being nominated (and winning) a ton of Daytime Emmys for his work in General Hospital, One Life to Live, and The Bold and the Beautiful. He also fessed up to having a crazy-popular YouTube channel called Theoretical Bullshit, being a shockingly good musician, and cheating in English class.  Hopefully Wikipedia got some of those things right, at least. If you want info straight from the source, follow his Twitter feed @CliftonsNotes.

Scott has agreed to waive any honorariums and fees to speak at Skepticon for free. Even still, it will cost us about $850.00 to pay for Scott’s airfare, taxis, and hotel room so that he can speak at Skepticon. If you’re excited to see him present, please consider donating to help cover the costs of getting him to Springfield, MO this November.


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