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Hey there, Skeptonauts!

With so much in this year of our noodly lord 2022 trying to make life hazardous, we know that safety and comfort is more than a luxury reserved for the wealthy and well-connected. You deserve the best a free conference can offer, so here is a primer on the standard safety and comfort features of your 2022 model year Skepticonmobile:

(Full conference policy details can be found here.)

Quiet Room — There will be a quiet room available for when you need a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the con. It’s at the far end of the convention hallway, just past the activity rooms.

Fidgets — Check the registration table to borrow a fidget if you need one!

Gender Neutral Restrooms — The restrooms nearest the convention rooms will be gender neutral. There are gender segregated restrooms between the front desk and the Station Grille on your way into the conference area.

Red Lanyard Policy — Not all of our attendees are out in their home communities as the people they are while at Skepticon. Those people will be wearing red lanyards, and pictures of them or use of their names should not be used in any way without their explicit permission.

Reserved for Mobility Devices — We will have several areas in the main stage/workshop spaces reserved for people with mobility devices. If you need help finding these spaces, or moving chairs to be in your preferred area, let us know!

Captioning — White Coat Captioning will be returning to provide captioning for all the main stage presentations!

Communication Stickers — We respect that some people are not comfortable conversing with strangers, or want to regulate their interaction with people. Everyone can opt to use the communication stickers or not, but please respect the wishes of those who do use them.

No Food Pantry This Year — Our new venue’s policy does not allow us to provide a food pantry, but we’ll work on them for next year.

Community Message Board — Leave a message for a friend, request a ride, or just share a fun saying! The message board is available for anything you need, as long as it’s good.

We hope this helps you have an even better time at Skepticon! If you think of something we should be providing, please leave us a comment in the box at the registration table!

Looking forward to an amazing time with all of you this weekend!

Team Skepticon

PS — Donations are what make these accommodations possible. Please help if you can!

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