Due to the awesome generosity of an anonymous donor, Skepticon is able to award three travel grants to 3 woman-identified feminist skeptics this year. It’s time to meet our awardees as they share how they would benefit from attending SK8:

  • Xandi
    • “I’m an atheist living in the Bible Belt. Not only are things like this important for my sanity, I’ve recently started a local chapter of the American Humanist Association and look forward to launching a podcast (Exodus Girls) on women’s rights issues in the Bible Belt very soon. I don’t want to stay in the Bible Belt forever, but as long as I live here I will challenge the status quo. I am constantly volunteering, protesting, and ruffling feathers in Alabama. But when religion rules everything around me, it’s easy to feel defeated and lonely in a lot of my ventures. A little encouragement and a break from the constant onslaught of conservative dumbfuckery go a long way.”
  • Kaleesha
    • “I’m a former fundamental Christian, a mother of seven, a rural Missourian, I’ve published a book about my experiences getting out of the church and learning to think skeptically, and I help organize monthly skeptical meetings and events for my community. My partner and I have wanted to attend the past two Skepticons but were unable for financial reasons. We’d like to bring our entire family this year. It would be lovely to spend some time with other skeptics, hearing stories and encouraging each other. I would hope to find myself better equipped to bring skepticism to rural areas, as well as gain insight into the best methods, as a writer, to promote critical thinking. I think attending Skepticon would be especially good for my children, ages 5 to 16, who can tend to feel like oddballs because of our rejection of faith.”
  • Katelyn
    • “This conference is important to me because of my work as a crisis coordinator for a domestic violence shelter and rape crisis center. I am always looking for ways to further my understanding of the intersections of oppression and the different barriers that the people I serve may be up against. It would be amazing to hear from people like Fallon Fox, Teka-Lark Fleming, Sikivu Hutchinson, and so many of the other awesome speakers on the schedule. It would also be particularly helpful to hear from Mary Ann Franks, as many of the people I serve are struggling with issues around abuse online.”

We can’t wait to meet these outstanding women and we hope you’re excited, too! We’ll see them (and all of you!) at Skepticon 8!



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