There is no greater love story that Skepticon and it’s supporters. Today, we’d like to take some time to talk about Bedtime Bible Stories – Explicit!

These cool cats spend their time drawing (super neato) stories out the bible (say what?) that are crazy as all get out (yes, way!). Here’s what they have to say about their work:

Religion is not the only reason why there is so much division, hatred and violence in the world, but it is a major one. Often it is accepted, due in large part to religious indoctrination and the teachings of the Bible. If a “loving” God can so easily kill the innocent for “immoral” reasons, then why not “holy” wars, violence against women, discrimination against homosexuals, cruelty towards animals, mass destruction of the earth, etc. It is by understanding the truth, through evidence, and exposing the Bible for the fraud that it is, that we hope to affect positive change.

Using Art to promote skepticism? SUPER RAD!

Check them out over here at these super awesome links:



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