Skepticon wouldn’t be able to rock as hard as it does without our sponsors. They are the Wayne to our Garth, the Cash to our Tango, and the peas to our carrots.

Today we’d like to talk about the super cool and totally awesome American Atheists. Since the 1960s, this organization has been on the front lines of fighting for the civil liberties of atheists and the total, absolute separation of government and religion.

Now in its 50th year, keeps on doing some seriously impressive stuff, check it out:

  • Fought fervently to defend the separation of religion from government
  • Appeared in all forms of media to defend our positions and criticisms of religion and mythology
  • Held atheist conventions and gatherings throughout the United States, including “Atheist Pride” marches in state capitals
  • Demonstrated and picketed throughout the country on behalf of atheist rights and state/church separation
  • Taught us how to “Dougie”
  • Published hundreds of books about atheism, criticism of religion, and state/church separation
  • Published newsletters, magazines, and member alerts
  • Single handedly defeated  a robot army
  • Built a robust and diverse community of local affiliates, partners, and activists
  • High-fived a million angels
  • Fostered a growing network of representatives throughout the nation who monitor important First Amendment issues and work on behalf of the organization in their areas
  • Grown a network of volunteers who perform a variety of important tasks in their community, from placing American Atheist books in libraries to writing letters and publicizing the atheist perspective
  • Won the local pie eating contest
  • Preserved atheist literature and history in the nation’s largest archive of its kind. The library’s holdings span over three hundred years of atheist thought.
  • Provided speakers for colleges, universities, clubs, and the news media
  • Rocked it like a hurricane
  • Granted college scholarships to young atheist activists

Here’s where you can find them on the webernetz:




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