It’s that time of the year again–t-shirt time! Be the first to own the Skepticon 6 shirt and be the envy of all your friends.

Some quick t-shirt facts:

  • All of our shirts are being made locally by Swagbot! (Convenient, responsible, and totes fail proof)
  • Shirts come in both babydoll and unisex styles! (No more unflattering con shirts)
  • They are kelly green! (It really brings out your eyes)
  • If you pre-order, they’re cheaper! (Save that extra money for coffee or beer)
  • DINOSAURS! (Of course they would be involved)

Click on the shopping cart below to pre-order one of these fanfrickin’tastic t-shirts today!

[raw_html_snippet id=”shopify sk6 shirt “]


Until next time, stay skeptic!




P.S. Here are some fun vine videos of Floyd playing the uke in one of our new shirts for some sweet Sk6 shirt action.

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