Dear Skeptigentlereaders,

We’re thrilled to announce our first speaker for Skepticon 16: Kavin Senapathy!

More about Kavin (which is pronounced pretty much like the word “coven”):

Kavin Senapathy is a writer, journalist, and author covering a slew of life science-related stories for outlets like SciShow, Scientific American, Slate, Forbes, Undark, The Daily Beast, and SELF. They are the author of the forthcoming book The Progressive Parent: Harnessing the Power of Science and Social Justice to Raise Awesome Kids (August 2024, Hanover Square/HarperCollins).

Here’s where you can find more about them:

See Kavin and so many more awesome speakers at this year’s Skepticon! Register here to join in on the fun!



P.s. Don’t forget to donate to keep us running year after year! Please and thank you you’re the bestest.

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