Hello Skepticoners,

We here at the HQ are proud to present one of our long-time sponsors: American Atheists! More about this kickass organization:

Since 1963, American Atheists has been the premier organization fighting for the civil liberties of atheists and the total, absolute separation of government and religion. American Atheists was born out of a court case begun in 1959 by the Murray family which challenged prayer recitation in the public schools.

Back in the day, Vice President, Programs Debbie Goddard reached out to us when were but a fledgling student group finding our way into activism. Through her and this organization’s support, we’ve been able to host Skepticon for over 15 years!

We can’t thank this sponsor for being with us since the beginning and offer this humble dino meme as a tribute to their stalwart mission to keep moving the needle on behalf of us heathens everywhere:

Check out more about this sponsor here:

Yall rock our dino faces!



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