Heya Skepticonbuds,

We’re thrilled to announce that Kelley Freeman will be speaking at this year’s convention! A little bit about them:

Kelley Freeman (they/them) is a passionate advocate for social justice, abortion rights, and racial and economic equality. A graduate of University of South Carolina, Kelley has spent much of the last decade organizing in the Central Ohio region, both in professional and volunteer capacities. That passion and experience led them to found Dye Mad Yarns, a yarn shop based in Columbus that combines their love of the Midwest with their dedication to an equitable society for all. When not crafting – and, let’s face it, sometimes while still crafting – they spend their time with their husband Alex, their son, and any number of local cats who have wandered in and taken up residence in their home.

And here’s what they’re going to talk about:

Talk Title: Everyone Hates Each Other: a brief summary of conflict within the fiber arts community

Talk Description: Everyone loves gossip, especially about people they’ll never meet and interact with! Let’s discuss the subculture drama within one (naive) people who wouldn’t expect much fighting to exist, and then extrapolate what kind of organizing lessons can be gleaned from it!

Come see Kelley and so much more awesome programming this year at Skepticon – it’s going to be a GREAT year!



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