Hey There Skepticoneroos!

We’re excited to announce that Dr. Ashley F. Miller will be joining us on the main stage this year at Skepticon 15! Here’s more about the Dr.:

Ashley F. Miller, PhD, is a strategic communications professional for a federal agency. They’ve worked in non-profits, film and television production, and web and graphic design. They have a Ph.D. in Mass Comms, focused on intersectionality and online communities. In real life, Ashley plays ukulele, creates arts and crafts, and listens to an absurd number of books and podcasts. They also have a spouse (Dustin), toddler (Malcolm), and dog (Jeeves).

Talk Title: The Power of Art

Talk Description: How art can help you, help your movement, and help make the world a better place.

Join us for Skepticon this year as this and many other amazing speakers and panels grace our main stage. Click here to register! We’re a week away from partying together!



P.s. Please consider donating to Skepticon and keeping this con running year after year. Every dollar is used by our completely volunteer-driven team to make this con happen!

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