Oh you adorable Skeptikids, of course there’s going to be a SkeptiProm! We know that it’s half the reason you come to Skepticon in the first place!

Now, things have been rough for the past few years for everyone, and Skepticon was not immune to the pandemic’s ravages. People rightly had better things to do with their money than donate it to the conference. We totally understand, and applaud people taking care of themselves. However, it does mean that our donations were decreased, and as such, we will not have a DJ for the SK14 Prom.

But! That doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be fun! We have pretty, non-flashy lights, and fairly good speakers, and a curated playlist to bop along to. It will be even more like a family reunion this way! Minus anyone losing their dentures on the dance floor, we hope…

And of course we’ll have some wonderful centerpieces to decorate the tables. Again, they’re scaled back from the usual elaborate centerpieces (mostly because our centerpiece maker needed an easier project than usual, for their sanity’s sake,) but we hope they evoke warm fuzzies and good feelings!

Make sure you bring your *~** fancy **~* masks (or, really, any good mask,) because they’re required to be worn over your nose and mouth at all times in Skepticon rooms, including while dancing. We want you to boogie down, not come down with Covid!

We are so looking forward to getting on the dance floor with you all!

Team Skepticon

PS: You can always donate to the conference at https://skepticon.org/donate/ to keep the dinosaurs dancing!

PPS: I was using thesaurus.com to look up synonyms for dancing. For the noun, they define “dance” as “moving feet and body to music.” For the verb, they define “dance” as “move body or feet to music.” Why do you think they decided that one used “and” and the other used “or”? Inquiring minds want to know!

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