Hey there, faithful Skepticon fans!

We know you love a good shirt, and this year’s shirt will not disappoint! We will have an *extremely* limited number of shirts available for purchase at the conference, so if you want one, it is best to order from our Etsy SkeptiShop! Like, really, please don’t be disappointed, if you want one for/at the con, please just order it from our shop! If you order within the next couple of days, you should be able to receive it before the con at regular (not express) shipping rates.

Click here to go directly to SkeptiShop!

(Or go https://www.etsy.com/shop/SkeptiShop if the linky doesn’t work for you)

Our theme this year is “Family Reunion” because that’s what SK14 feels like it’s going to be, after not seeing any of your smiling faces for 3 whole years! Our wonderful graphic designer gave us this amazing Brady Bunch-esque art piece, and it feels just right.

And while you’re at SkeptiShop, browse around and see what else tickles your fancy! We have Shirts of Conferences Past, stickers, masks, and handmade items such as art, jewelry, decor, and clothing! All proceeds go to paying off our seemingly endless debt from being sued. Yes, we’re still paying that off. Yes, we’re bitter about it, too. Yes, you can donate directly to our legal fund, just go to https://skepticon.org/donate/ and click on the appropriate button. You can donate directly to the conference fund at that same link. You can also help spread the word about Skepticon and SkeptiShop just by sharing/liking/retweeting our social media posts. Everything helps keep the conference afloat and the bills paid!

We are soooooo looking forward to seeing you all soon! And if you’re not able to make it this year, we’re sending out lots of virtual high fives, and we hope to see you at a future Skepticon!

Team Skepticon

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