Howdy Skepticon fans!

Unlike past years of Skepticon, this year’s con is going to have a limited capacity. Between Covid still doing its nasty little thing (making distancing still needed) and the fact that we didn’t decide to have SK14 in person until a mere 3 months ago (limiting our conference room choices), we are limiting attendance to 175 people.

Ensure you’ll get in by registering now! Click here!

Or you can go to if the link doesn’t work for you : )

There are other reasons why you should pre-register. As organizers, it helps us to know how many people are coming, so we know how much merchandise to purchase, how many chairs to put out, how sore our hands are going to be after giving you all high fives.

But that’s for us, what’s in it for you? A chance at a fabulous prize! Johnny, show them what they could win!

Why, it’s a… TACOSAURUS REX! Destined to become your favorite taco holder besides your hand, this Tacosaurus Rex could be yours just by registering before 11:59pm Central Time on July 28, 2022! (i.e., midnight the night before the conference starts,) and then coming to Skepticon 14. Everyone who registers before this time and checks in at registration by 6:00pm on July 30 will be assigned a number based on the order in which they registered. The winning number will be chosen by the random number generator at The winner will be announced at SkeptiProm Saturday, July 30, at approximately 9:30pm Central. If you are not present at the announcement, we will attempt to contact you. You must be able to pick up your prize before 2:00pm Sunday, July 31, or the prize will be forfeited and returned to Skepticon’s lair… er, storage, for Prizes of Skepticons Yet to Come.

You know you want to come to Skepticon, and you know you want the Tacosaurus Rex, so do yourself (and us) a favor, and register today!

We’re looking forward to bequeathing this beauty upon one of you, and lamenting with the rest of you that we don’t have our own!

Team Skepticon

PS – We love giving you gifts! We also love getting gifts! Donate if you can!

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