Hey there, SkeptiFriends!

You know we sometimes deal with some heavy duty stuff during the day at Skepticon, so we try to lighten things up at night. This year is no different — well, maybe we need lighter fare for more reasons than just the workshops and talks. Good gravy, the world is A Place now, isn’t it? Oofa.

Anyway, Friday Night Fun! We will have trivia with the always wonderful Eli Heina Dadabhoy as trivia master! There will be table top gaming! Bring your favorites to share, or see what your fellow attendees are playing! There’s hanging out and chatting and relaxing and being with like-minded individuals! It’s all gonna be soooo much fun!

As with all other events at this year’s con, masks will be required to be worn over your mouth and nose at all times while in the Skepticon rooms, or while interacting with any Skepticon attendees, volunteers, or organizers. We want the laughter to be infectious, but not in a Covid way!

We’re looking forward to gaming the night away with you all!

Team Skepticon

PS – As much as we try to game the system, somehow we still always owing money. Help us our by donating if you can at https://skepticon.org/donate/!

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