Hello Skepticoners!

We’re happy to announce a panel for this year’s virtual event. Introducing: Cosplay 101

About the panel:

“What is cosplay? How do I get started if it sounds like fun? Do I have to sew? Join Jay Justice, Jashin Lee, and Emily Finke as they discuss how to start making and putting together costumes, and how to be a good cosplay citizen.

And our panelists:

Emily Finke

By training a forensic anthropologist, but by passion a science communicator. Emily is happiest when they are in a creek, teaching 10 year olds how to catch crayfish and look for tardigrades, or in the desert, surrounded by dinosaur skeletons. They love to teach everything from entomophagy to exoplanets (or exoplanet-phagy, if you need a Science of Galactus talk) and will happily speak about science anywhere that there’s an interested audience: Sci-Fi conventions, Steampunk gatherings, Science in the Pub event, sometimes dressed as Batgirl.
Jay Justice

Jay Justice is a Jamaican-American cosplayer, editor, and advocate. Her work has been featured by SyFy, BBC America, and Marvel Comics, and she has been the inspiration for new characters in DC Comics and Boom Studios. Since 2009 she has crafted over 70 costumes and created panels at conventions across the country on the topics of comics, gaming, diversity in media and costuming. As an outspoken POC, LGBTQIA+ and disability advocate, Jay is dedicated to creating lasting change within her community & inspiring others to do the same.
Jashin Lin

Jashin makes pictures and words and sounds. Sometimes she puts them together.

Join us on Saturday, August 15th at 4pm CST for this amazing panel! RSVP to the Facebook event here — we’ll put the link you need in the description!



P.S. – Donate to Skepticon here! All donations go directly to hosting this event.

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