Hello Skepticon world!

We’re very super a lot excited to announce a last minute addition to our lineup: a panel!

Introducing: Diversifying Atheist Voices


Even after years of work on the problem, the atheist movement is still largely represented by white cishet men. We’ve put together a panel of podcasters whose guest lists are more diverse than the movement as a whole. We’ll talk about how and why they do that and whether it’s difficult in any way.

Say Hello to our Panelists:

Maddy Love

Maddy Love, transwoman living in Minnesota, talks with and about people in the trans, atheism, skepticism, and science communities. Then, since there’s no one to stop her, she talks about anything else she finds interesting or irritating – like podcast hosts writing summaries of themselves in the 3rd person. When not podcasting Maddy may be hosting Atheist Talk on the Minneapolis airwaves¬†9am, Sunday mornings at AM 950 KTNF. 

Marissa Alexa McCool

Marissa Alexa McCool is an author, podcaster, LGBT activist, and speaker. She graduated the University of Pennsylvania in May 2017 and is the co-founder of the Trans Podcaster Visibility Initiative.


Chris Watson

Chris is the host of The Podunk Polymath, ‘a podcast dedicated to the sentiments of a secular, sarcastic, screwed up Southern SJW and skeptic.’ He wants to promote more diversity in his chosen medium, because the podcast community doesn’t need more cishet White guys.

WOOHOOO! Many thanks to the amazing Stephanie Zvan who will be hosting this awesome panel on Friday night from 9pm–10pm on the main stage.

See you all soon!



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