Whoa nelly, Skepticon friends, have we got a whopper of a matching challenge for you!

We have an anonymous donor who will match up to $5,000. Yes, you read that correctly, FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

We were shocked. Flabbergasted even. We may have swooned slightly. And then we thanked them profusely!

So here’s the deal: The matching challenge starts today, and goes until November 10 or until the match is met. The donors will match your donations dollar for dollar. If this challenge goes to the full amount, Skepticon will receive a total of $10,000.

And it couldn’t come at a better time. As we’ve been saying, fundraising has been low this year (apparently election years are more difficult?) We have received enough donations to date that we could afford the conference basics, but only after making some painful cuts. With the money that we hope comes in, we will be able to afford Prom and all the other little activities we have planned. Then we’ll put down the deposit for SK10. Anything after that is a buffer in our bank account (which greatly reduces our stress levels!)

So we know we’ve been very persistently asking for donations this year, but this time we mean it more than we ever have before…


Every dollar really does help, and even little amounts add up quickly! Let’s see if we can make it all the way to that $5,000 limit!!

And even though our donor wants to stay anonymous, that doesn’t mean we can’t send out a dinosaur sized



Team Skepticon

PS — While you’re at it, click here to register if you know you’re coming to SK9, or even if you just think you are! It really helps with our planning.

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