Hello Skeptinaughts! Some of our most popular events at skepticon are when we get to relax and talk to some of our favorite people about what ever conversations come to mind! Well this year we have more options than ever before!

We are proud to announce a Cards Against Humanity Tournament!


Friday Night after the main event, attendees can gather to out party other horrible people in a night of cards.

Winners of the Tournament will get one of a kind prizes, Special cards created by our Organizers and Special Guests!

If you want us to do more events like this please take a moment to donate. I can not believe how awesome you have been in making this year one of the best that we have ever had. Everything that we add to the event is because of the feedback that you have given us. Your suggestions and comments help build the event each year!

We are just over 75% to goal for this years Skepticon, so please do not stop telling us what you want, and as long as you are there to help us fund this crazy thing we do each year, we will continue to make it bigger and better every time.



Skepticon HQ

P.S. There’s been some confusion so we need to clarify- we’re having a game night in a dedicated area in the hotel that fits about 200 people. WITHIN that game night we’re having an organized Cards Against Humanity Tournament with CAH prizes because Cards Against Humanity gave us a bunch of free sets… but anyone who isn’t a Cards Against Humanity fan is absolutely welcome show up and play whatever games they like!¬† Bring your board games, your playing cards, your RPGs- we’re going to have some fun! And THIS time, we won’t get kicked out of the lobby for noise complaints! HA!

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