Welcome Justin Vollmar!

Raised in a strict Christian sect known as the Independent Fundamental Baptists, Justin was a born-again, washed-in-blood Christian. He attended the Capital Baptist Deaf College, where he graduated with an unaccredited bachelor’s degree in pastoral studies.

For the next nine years, Justin worked as a pastor until he established an online preaching ministry, Virtual Deaf Church. However, he struggled with spiritual questions and studied shelves of theological books in search of answers.

Eventually, in 2011, Justin resigned from his church and moved to another state where he has been living as an ex-preacher ever since. His doubts let him to atheism and he signed up for the Clergy Project. After months in secrecy, he came out as an atheist in order to give Christians a chance to break free from their traditions and superstitions.

For more on Justin, check out his youtube channel, Twitter!

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