Our next speaker has accumulated over 187 million views on YouTube with nothing but fun, engaging and educational science videos AND he does it using a combination of fancy video editing, humor, slow motion cameras and sometimes arrows! If that doesn’t support the mission of Skepticon we don’t know what does!

Appearing at Skepticon 8: Destin Sandlin!

Destin Sandlin is an American engineer and YouTube Educator. He currently resides in Alabama and produces an educational video series called Smarter Every Day on youtube. Sandlin attended the University of Alabama as an undergraduate, where he studied mechanical engineering. He later obtained a graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He is currently a Missile Flight Test Engineer at Redstone Arsenal. He has credited his fascination with the scientific method and his job as a rocket engineer for having inspired him to make educational videos. Most episodes of Smarter Every day feature scientific experiments with Sandlin hosting or narrating. As of this post the channel has over 2.7 million subscribers and 187 million views.

You’ve probably seen them all before, but if you haven’t, here are a few of Skepticons favorites:

Now you know why we are so excited!

For more information on Destin, look him up on his website, Facebook, or Twitter!

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