Hello Skepticontown!

Here are some more names of speakers who will be rocking our faces in the fall at Skepticon 7:

  • Scott Clifton: Daytime Emmy award-winning actor who can currently be seen as the epic Liam Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful or as YouTube favorite TheoreticalBullshit
  • Jamie Kilstein: “Stand up comedian who has been on Conan and Totally Biased. He is also the co-host of Citizen Radio and his new book Newsfail from Simon and Schuster comes out October 14th.”
  • Peggy Mason: Ain’t no science party like a neuroscience party! This University of Chicago professor was most recently seen rocking out the front page of Reddit with a AMA concerning empathy in rats!
  • Cherno Biko: Stage actor, community activist, story-teller… these barely begin to scratch the surface and we’re stupid excited to see more!

Can you feel the excitement?! We sure can.

For these four speakers alone we budget about $3200 for their flights and rooms. They have each offered to waive their standard honorariums so that we can keep the event free for all to attend. The money doesn’t come from our Skepticon Brand Chupacabra Milk sales, so If you’d like to chip in and help please head over to our donate page. ¬†You can be sure that the money goes straight toward making the event a success as there are no paid employees on the Skepticon staff!

Hope that you all have safe and wonderful weekends! Happy AMERICUH day to our ‘merican fans out there.


The Skepticon Team


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