Happy Monday! How are things in your corner of the world? We here at Skepticon HQ hope that they are going swimmingly and you are as excited about the fall as we are. Can you say pumpkin EVERYTHING?!

Anyhow, we’re getting closer and closer to the big day and it’s SUPER EXCITING! However, we’re still short of our fundraising goal. (Click here if you are curious as to how we spend your donations.)

Here is a neato speedo graph we whipped up to show you how far along we are:


HOLY TESLA COILS BATMAN! We are nearly 2/3 of the way there!

If you want to help us reach our goal and make our Skepticon dreams a reality, please consider donating today. Or you can contribute to one of these amazing fundraisers happening right now!

If you could also consider sharing us on your TwitterFacebookPinterest, and other internetty things, we would be very much obliged. After all, sharing is caring.

We’re so close to our goal, we can taste it! We honestly can’t thank you–the most important people to Skepticon–for making each year possible. You all rock!




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