Hello Skepticonners!

Here at Skepticon we’re kicking off fundraising for our 10th (OMG TEN YEARS WHAT?!) con. All week we’re going to tell you a different way you can make it rain on Skepticon. Today, we wanna talk about Dino Club!

What’s Dino Club? So glad you asked!

Dino Club consists of Skepticon’s monthly/regular donors. Whether they give 1$ or $1000000 dollars a month, Dino Clubbers are consistently some of our favorite people. And because they’re our favorite child, er, donors, they get some awesome perks:

  • A semi-regular newsletter written by founder Lauren Lane (she’s witty! She’s fun! She’s sometimes #1!)
  • A super secret special gift during the event weekend! (Past gifts have included: a mug, a tiny dino wearing a cape, one-of-a-kind art prints, and wicked awesome sunglasses)
  • Bragging rights! (How many people get to say that they are in a DINO CLUB I MEAN COME ON)
  • Warm fuzzies (Your regularly donated dollars are going to creating a more skeptical world)

I know what you’re thinking: How the eff do I sign up for this Dino Club business RIGHT THE EFF NOW?! Click below on the tier of your choice:

  • $5/month: Cheaper than Netflix but definitely probably cooler!
  • $10/month: Think we’re worth more than a half calf double whip no room grande mochafrappelatte?
  • $25/month: Send over the cost of a movie ticket in one of those fancy theatres where there is a cushy seat that reclines and they feed you overpriced food.
  • $50/month: Take your favorite dino-theme nonprofit out for a nice steak dinner once a month, TREAT. YO. SELF.

Join the Dino Club and support Skepticon, today! We’d love to have you.

Hearts and kisses,


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