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Due to a family emergency, workshopper extraordinaire Lucien Greaves will be skyping in at 5pm rather than hosting a workshop in person at 11am. It will still be hosted in the Coco room. We’ve updated our schedule on lanyrd with the changes.

Here’s more about Lucien:

“Lucien Greaves is spokesperson for, and co-founder of, The Satanic Temple, the world’s most controversial collective of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty. Elevating skeptical rationalism to a First Amendment protected religious opinion, Greaves and The Satanic Temple have effectively, and often hilariously, counterbalanced the Christian Conservative Right in several high-profile Church/State cases within the past few years. Denigrated by Culture War luminaries from Pat Robertson to Glenn Beck, and former GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain, TST has also been applauded by counter-culture heroes such as John Waters, and advocates for plurality, such as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. Greaves has appeared in countless major media venues, from Fox News to MSNBC, NPR, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, CNN, and USA Today (to name a few). His writing has been published in Harper’s Magazine, Skeptic Magazine, and Skeptical Inquirer. The Satanic Temple are the topic of an hour-long documentary hosted by Lisa Ling, air date 02 Dec 2015. Greaves has been a featured speaker at various national conferences including the annual conferences for American Atheists, Atheist Alliance, Secular Student Alliance, and Skepticon. Greaves regularly speaks at Universities and colleges nationwide.”

We’re positive it will still be a wonderful presentation and can’t wait to see what Lucien has in store for us. We<3 TST!

See you all Friday!



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