A special someone donated to our Lent Fundraiser, Susi Bocks, and we thank her from the very bottom of our godless hearts for her most generous donation. And now, here is a totally true and completely not made up story about Susi!

“Once upon a time there was a woman name Susi, and she had a special power. Her fingers were magic. I am talking like TOTALLY real and completely NOT made up friggin magic, here people!

Anyways, One brisk November morning, Susi came to realize her powers were far beyond what she had imagined.

SHE COULD ERASE RELIGION. Amazed at the awesomeness of her new and almost god-like and somewhat punny power, Susi went out into the night, determined to fight religion’s bullshittery one awesome religion-zapping neck massage at a time.

However, while implementing her amazingly god-like powers on the masses, something happened. She accidentally created her own following.

Determined to not be the kind of god that kills their own kid for kicks, Susi set to writing down the rules of humanity. And so it was that Susi Bocks single handedly and ironically saved humanity with her amazing religious-zapping powers.”

And so concludes our totally real and not at all made up story about Susi, which she received as a reward for being so awesome and becoming a recurring donor through our Never Give You Up Lent Fundraiser. Susi is seriously one of the nicest people that the Skepticon Team has ever met and we like her super a lot!

Thank you Susi for your donation! We hope you like your story.



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