A special someone donated to our Lent Fundraiser, Sir Dale Debakcsy (of the Edinborough Debakcsys) and we are pleased to that him from the very bottom of our godless hearts for his most generous of donations. And now, here is a totally true and completely not made up story about Dale!

Once upon a time there was a man in a wig. Not any wig mind you, but a really friggin cool purple one. He lived in a land called Baddassaria, a lovely place with a mountain and a midget but an absolutely horrible dragon plague.

Anyways, one day Sir Debakcsy had had just about enough of the dragons ruining his rose garden. I mean, really! Roses are like stupid hard to grow and take a lot of pruning and can be pretty fussy so you can imagine Dale’s face when he saw a herd of dragons eating them like candy.

Steeling his nerves and his amazing purple wig, Sir Debakcsy mounted his tri-corn steed and raced off to the top of the mountain where the dragon’s lair awaited. At the mountain’s peak, the giant fluffy dragons lazed in the sun, stuffed from their five course rose garden meal. When they saw our purple-wigged hero advance, they were not as impressed as one should be when staring down such a perfectly periwinkle coif.

“Hey!” Screamed Dale. “You ate my friggin’ roses!”

“Oh yeah?” Retorted a particularly sassy dragon “What are you gonna do about it?”

And with that, Dale shot frickin’ lazer beams out of his eyes and made some fluffy dragon roasts. Ever since, his rose garden has remained untouched and won many Awards of Excellence from the local garden club.

And so concludes our totally real and not at all made up story about Dale, which he received as a reward for being so awesome and becoming a recurring donor through our Never Give You Up Lent Fundraiser.

Thank you Dale for your donation! We hope you like your story.



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