Tomorrow, we’ll be doing our video game marathon to raise money for this year’s con. Here’s a message from poor sap, er, video gamer Jason who has volunteered his time:

Okay. So. Here’s the deal. I’m playing Megaman for twelve straight hours. The original NES series first, then 7 on SNES, 8 on PSX, 9 and 10 on “Wii”, then the Megaman X on SNES if I manage to get that far. Thing is, Megaman on NES is “nintendo-hard”. Brutal, ridiculous, precise and will take forever to get through. If I’m LUCKY, I’ll make it through three games in that time.

The only hedge I have in my favor is that I’ll be setting up a Game Genie code for unlimited lives — not that that makes the game proper at all easier, it just keeps me from having to grind for lives or use continues / passwords. That will shorten the time to completion but I’m still guessing that three or four is what I’ll manage.

But what would you do if I did more? What if I am, by some staggering feat of NES ingenuity, I manage to clear all six games? What incentive do I have to speedrun and clear these games so quickly?

Would any of you gamble that I’m a better gamer than you think? What if you were willing to pledge a set dollar amount to Skepticon per game I clear? How brave are you? How entertaining would you find the original stream? How enthused are you about Skepticon? Would you pledge… $2 per game? $5? $10? Are you a high roller and would pledge a grand per game??? (Uh, if so, we have other business propositions to maybe offer you to incentivize that kinda capital outlay, so hit us up, yo).

How much is free entertainment and enlightening the world on skeptical topics worth to YOU?

Click here to donate or pledge!

We’ll see you tomorrow from 10am-10pm!



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