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We here at Skepticon HQ are HUGE fans of the Ada Initiative, a non-profit that supports women working in tech and open source internetty stuff.

The lovely people at Ada would like to come give an ally skills training workshop at Skepticon, but they need some dollars to make that happen. We would absolutely love to have them, which is why we’ve stopped our incessant begging for your dollars to insist you throw a few bucks their way to reach their goal. Here’s the deets:

Goal amount: $5,000 and Valerie will teach an Ally Skills Workshop at Skepticon

Deadline: Midnight, October 8

The Ada Initiative does so much amazing stuff, like offer anti-harassment policies used by hundreds of conferences, give out out information about ally skills for men so women don’t have to fight sexism alone, host feminist conferences for women to share lessons learned and support each other, and are doing amazing work training women to fight Impostor Syndrome and stay involved in open tech/culture. In short, these people are totally kickass and we need them. 

Click this giant shiny button to donate now!

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UPDATE: FUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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