Hi, Bart, your friendly neighborhood web site nerd here.

Here at Skepticon HQ we host our website on Digital Ocean a “Virtual Private Server” service.  It usually costs us about $10 a month to host our very own virtual server in the cloud. But thanks to a promo going on right now with Digital Ocean you can get $10 in Digital Ocean credit to try your hand at hosting your own website in the cloud. Or run a your own cloud minecraft server, or whatever you can think of!  We use one of the larger virtual servers which cost $10, but they have a smaller one that is only $5 month! You could run a server for free for 2 WHOLE MONTHS!

Just use this fancy referral link to get your 10 BUCKS and we here at Skepticon HQ will get $25 in Digital Ocean Credit to help us pay for the Skepticon website. It’s what those in big business call a “WIN-WIN” situation.



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