godlesspervertsHello Skepticontown!

As you may have noticed on the schedule, the Godless Perverts story hour will be hosted Friday night at the convention center as we drink, be merry and generally have a good time. Here’s more about this awesome event, so tell your friends, neighbors and enemies!:

The Godless Perverts Story Hour is an evening about how to have good sex without having any gods, goddesses, spirits, or their earthly representatives hanging over your shoulder and telling you that you’re doing it wrong. Co-hosted by Greta Christina and David Fitzgerald, and with readings and performances by Rebecca Watson, Heina Dadabhoy, and Keith Lowell Jensen (along with Greta and David), we’ll be bringing you depictions, explorations, and celebrations of godless sexualities, as well as critical, mocking, and blasphemous views of sex and religion. The evening’s entertainment will have a range of voices — sexy and serious, passionate and funny, and all of the above — talking about how our sexualities can not only exist, but even thrive, without the supernatural.

We’ve only got one life — what better way to spend it than an evening of sexy godless fun?

*Please note: This event is for people 18 and over only.*

As always, if you like what we have in store, please consider donating to Skepticon, the nation’s largest FREE skeptic convention in the nation. Also did we mention this badass fundraiser with Shelley Segal is happening right now? ‘Cause it totally is.




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Anonymous Internetter · July 24, 2013 at 6:33 pm

Wait, wasn’t this movement trying to get rid of the “godless perverts”?

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