Skepticon HQ is overjoyed to announce that we are partnering with local game shop Changeling Games to bring you a Tabletop Gaming Night Friday, November 13th from 10pm–? (That’s right, QUESTION MARK!) at Skepticon 8!

Check out the amazing lineup of games that will be available:

      • King of Tokyo
      • Werewolf
      • Settlers of Catan  (In 3D!)
      • Fortress America
      • Arcana
      • Zombies
      • Disc World
      • Cash & Guns
      • Munchkin
      • D&D board game
      • …AND MORE!

417 Gamers will be there alongside Changeling Games’ own Joe and Rob to facilitate games and help out, so don’t worry about being new to gaming. We hope you can join us for this amazing adventure!



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