Hey Skeptonians!

Oh, you fantastic people, you are so wonderful! As you have heard, our one week matching donation challenge was hugely successful. Over $1,000 was donated in just the final 24 hours! The total donated was over $3,000. So amazing! At the same time, we also received a couple of sponsorships, and vendors paid the fees for their table. All in all, we received almost $5,000 last week.

What does that mean for our budget? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Our budget for a “bare-bones” conference was about $25,000. We poked and prodded at the numbers, and reduced the budget down to $23,000. We are currently less than $500 away from that amount, and we’re confident we can get that in the next month.

There is a huge weight being lifted off of us, and it’s all because of our marvelous donors, sponsors, and tablers!

From here on out, all the money that comes in will go towards fun stuff like merchandise and our plethora of activities (oh, just wait until you hear about our activities!), and towards the deposit to the hotel for Skepticon 10!

We thank you, so very much, from the top and bottom of our little dino hearts <3

Team Skepticon

PS — Don’t get us wrong, we’re sooooo happy with what we have already received, but we do need more… so donate if you can!

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