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Heina Dadabhoy – “Improving & Reducing Your Screw-Ups”

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man… I screw-up a lot.” Then have we got the work shop for you! Join Heina Dadabhoy as they host the workshop “Improving & Reducing Your Screw-Ups”!

As Heina says “Everyone messes up sometimes. Here’s how to not put your foot in your mouth and do better next time in a world where few forgive and no one forgets. We will be examining various recent screw-ups and discuss what could have been done better.”

Don’t miss out on Heina’s workshop on Friday at 11:00 AM.


Chad McLaurin – “Culture War Skirmishes: Moving Forward”

“The ongoing culture wars for the “soul” of America is in full swing, and those who would narrowly define the norms for society are organized! Those who do not fit their definition of acceptable society (e.g., non-religious, LGBTQ, feminists, progressives, etc.) will be relegated to perpetual “outgroup” status until they are either swept back into the shadows by varying degrees of force, or are adopted into society as an ingroup member. The road to inclusion is multi-faceted, spanning public policy at federal, state, and local levels; social expressions of normalcy; and individual mindset.”

Join a very passionate Chad McLaurin for his workshops including “a brief presentation to help provide structure for interactive brainstorming and the development of strategic action points that will help individuals channel their efforts into the facets with which they choose to engage, based on their individual strengths.”

Don’t miss out on Chad’s workshop on Friday at 2:00 PM.


Nick Fish – “Unlikely Allies: Building a Coalition to Protect the Johnson Amendment”

Sometimes the political landscape seems overwhelming and you just are not sure what to do, well join Nick Fish for his workshop “Unlikely Allies: Building a Coalition to Protect the Johnson Amendment” where they “will discuss the national coalition fighting to protect the prohibition on churches and other 501(c)(3) nonprofits engaging in politics and how to build momentum behind this issue at the local level, including a training on how to lobby your member of Congress.”

Don’t miss out on Nick’s workshop on Friday at 3:00 PM.


Darrel Ray – “What I Learned From a Lifetime of Activism”

One thing that I love about what we do at Skepticon is that we bring together people with experience. One of our long time guests Darrel Ray has had the opportunity to know and work with so many Activists and comes to you now with his workshop “What I Learned From a Lifetime of Activism”

As he says, “Activism is a marathon, not a sprint. Effective activists act strategically and build strong bridges to allies. Today’s environment calls for all of us to become activists in some way. Learn what that means for you and how to avoid common self defeating mistakes many activists make.”

Don’t miss out on Darrel’s workshop on Friday at 4:00 PM.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you have registered for Skepticon10! its going to be Amazeballs!

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