We have news! Due to coming down sick with a nasty virus, Carrie Poppy will have to cancel her appearance this weekend with us at Skepticon 9. OH NO! (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) We will greatly miss Carrie and want her to get better, SOON! She wanted us to tell you all that she’s very sorry she can’t make it and that she’ll miss us all terribly and that we’re super attractive and intelligent people who smell nice.

That Carrie! Such a sweetheart. :D

Thankfully, wonderful human being and overall badass of the world Rebecca Hensler has agreed to step up on to the main stage in Carrie’s stead! We can’t wait to hear what Rebecca has in store for us.

See you soon, everyone!



P.S.–Did you know that if you donated TODAY at any time your donation counts as DOUBLE?! IT TOTALLY DOES OMG!!!!

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