SK11 Fundraising Update and Matching Challenge!

Audit Cat is examining the moneys.
Image by imarksm from Pixabay

Hey there awesome Skeptonites! We’ve been examining our finances, and need your help! With one week to go, we still need to raise about $10,000 between now and August 11th, when the last SK11 attendee floats home on a lovely cloud of post-con bliss.

The good news is that starting today, August 1st, we have a donation matching challenge. Thanks to very generous and very anonymous donors, for every $ donated to Skepticon between now and the 11th, they will match with a $, making $$! They didn’t give us an upper limit, so let’s take ridiculous advantage of these awesome people.

So please donate! Claim your SK 11 Amazeball with a $100 donation! (Maybe even donate to our legal defense fund if you think that speaking out is worth fighting for!)

Help us if you can! This year’s conference will go on no matter what, but if you love Skepticon and want it to continue, we need you.

For the curious and detail-minded of you out there (Us too!), here are some of the gory details of our current moneys:

As of 7/31:

  • Expenses already paid this year (speaker travel, merch, equipment, etc.): $11,411
  • Anticipated venue expenses (space rental, rooms for speakers): $15,300
  • Anticipated conference expenses (captioning, child care, DJ, rentals): $4,900
  • Balance in the conference fund: $9,408
  • Amount needed to cover conference expenses: $10,792

And then the legal defense fund:

  • Amount of legal bills on credit card: $20,754
  • Legal bills unpaid: $8,533
  • Balance in the legal fund: $1,490
  • Net legal bills needing to be covered: $27,797
  • (We’ll be receiving another large bill next week for July. Yay us.)

Don’t Wait! Hotel Deadline for SK11 is Coming!

Hey Skepticoners! Zoooooom! That’s how fast Skepticon 11 is approaching. For those coming from out of town, or just wanting a place to stay overnight after Skeptiprom, you need to nab a hotel room soon. The deadline for our reserved block of rooms at the $109 rate is July 18th, less than four weeks from now.

While you’re doing that, be sure to register. Yes, I know it’s a free event, but registering gives us a better idea of how many of you are going to show up, and we want to prepare for the correct number of badges, programs, and high-fives to hand out. You’ll also have a chance to take home one of the 47 nifty Amazeballs (limited edition!) as a thank-you for a BFF donation.

Will You Be Our BFF?

A Skepticon “Magic” 11 Amazeball can be yours!

Hi Skepticonville! We’re two months away from Skepticon 11! It’s time to reveal the thank-you gifts that we have for our most generous donors, our bestest best friends. Okay, maybe you’re thinking that we’ve never revealed our $100 donor gift ahead of time before. Well, that’s because we sometimes … shopped at the last minute and didn’t know what to get you lovely people.


But this year is different! This year we are giving you a genuine, hand-crafted Skepticon “Magic” 11 Amazeball. We’re making 47 of these beauties that you can take home to astound others with your ability to answer the toughest of yes/no questions.


That’s right, these are fully-functioning 4 inch Oracles of Limited Wisdom. Just like certain other numbered spheres we could mention, a “Magic” 11 Amazeball can divine the future, give critical life advice, and tell you if you should continue to give all your money to Skepticon forever.


To claim your Amazeball, choose the “One Hundred Dollar Skepticon BFF Donation” option when you register for Skepticon.

And if you donate $250 or more before July 1, we’ll make a custom Amazeball with the 20 messages of your choice! (Email your messages. Some size and content restrictions apply – ask us if unsure).


Skepticon 11 – Save the Date!

Hello St. Louis! What Are You Doing on August 9-11, 2019?

Skepticon is pleased to announce that we have found our new home!

Yes, after many months of searching and negotiating, we found this place:

Isn’t it gorgeous?

This is the Red Lion St. Louis City Center Hotel. A few facts to whet your appetite:

  • Originally constructed in 1929 as the Edison Brothers warehouse.
  • Converted to a hotel with 288 rooms in 2001.
  • Conference center is the 13th floor, and we’re taking over the whole thing!
  • Across the street (literally) is the transportation hub for St. Louis, with the MetroRail ($4 from airport), MetroBus, Amtrak, Greyhound, and Downtown Trolley ($2 all day).
  • Oh, and the view’s nice, too.

We have a place, now we just have to fill it with the very best in Skeptical / Sciencey / Humanisty / Social Justicey / Nerdy / Dino education and fun. And we need one more thing:


(and maybe some donations would be nice)

So, mark down August 9-11, 2019 on your calendar apps, paper calendars, or clay tablets, and get ready to party with us in St. Louis! Click this link here to reserve your swanky hotel room today!

Stay tuned for more announcements….