As many of you know, Greta Christina – a long-time Skepticon speaker and someone whom many of us on the team consider a much-loved personal friend – has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Yesterday she had major abdominal surgery, which will hopefully have removed all of the problematic tissue and completely resolved her cancer. Her recovery is likely to be long and less-than-pleasant, and at her doctor’s insistence, she won’t be traveling to Skepticon this year.

I spoke with Greta earlier this week about the possibility of having her make a live appearance via Skype, and she responded extremely positively. The tentative plan is to hold an audience-centered interview, deriving all of the questions from your submissions (click here to suggest a question!). We hope it’ll be a chance to keep Greta involved in Skepticon, and to allow all of you to converse with one of the movement’s true diamonds.

Greta’s participation is entirely conditional on a speedy and successful recovery. If she’s not up to it, she’s not up to it! Please take a moment to wish her well, and remind her that her movement is behind her through thick and thin. I’ll be forwarding your messages as they come!

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