Hello Skepticoners,

After Skepticon, 11 we put out the call for feedback on how we can improve the event for next year. By far the most significant point of criticism we received was the scheduling of Skepticon coinciding with the anniversary of the death of Mike Brown.

Unfortunately, when we scheduled Skepticon 11, the anniversary wasn’t on our radar. By the time we were aware of the conflict, we’d already signed a contract for the date with the venue. As a result, St. Louis was in a state of mourning when we were asking the community to come and talk about science excitedly with us.

While we didn’t set out to hurt anyone or this community, that certainly happened and for that we apologize. Next year, Skepticon 12 will happen August 14th-16th and we pledge to take steps to check for these sorts of conflicts going forward.

We want to thank those of you who offered your criticism and hope that we can move forward together.



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