Our latest and greatest children’s book has finally been released for charity, A Very Skepticon Christmas!

This one is available through lulu.com, which will not only allow it to get into your hands pretty-darn fast, but also gives us a sizeable percentage of the profits after the manufacturering cost.

All of the profits are being split 50/50 with Camp Quest and the St Louis Children’s Hospital. Why? Because Skepticon skepti-hearts the shorties. Later today the ebook will be available for purchase on this very page.

This one will be available as tip jar. Donate what you can, even if it’s $0.01. You may even decide to look at it first before tipping, that’s cool too.

My goal is to have it available as a mobi (Kindle), epub (Nook) and pdf (Everything/Print). In all honesty, if you hate all those options, just shoot me a line via twitter @FloydZamarripa and we’ll work something out. Maybe you can only view it as an rtf, or you just want the content pasted into an email, or mailed to you as a handwritten letter, I don’t care.

A fucking deerstalker! I know, right?!

Please spread this around like a fun, family friendly, pro-children STD wildfire via all of your preferred social media outlets!

Buy the full color printed version here at lulu: A Very Skepticon Christmas

Hurry up and five star our book so that we can take down that pretentious CL Fails and his uppity “The Christmas Cookie” from the top of the Children’s sales charts!

Click the donate button below to pick your price for the PDF version of the ebook!
Note: Due to filesize, this is distributed as a torrent, through our friends-of-Skepticon Piratebay program.

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